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Music for Children helps foster meaningful music education in the Chapel Hill/Durham area by supporting and offering collaborative programs for students of all levels, their families, teachers, and community.

We promote experiences that are vital to musical growth, that strengthen connections between music and community, and that nurture cognitive, emotional and social development, as well as a profound love of music.

We have developed a website which will provide information about music education in our area; we sponsor a summer camp and performing ensembles which play in nursing homes, schools, hospitals. 

We are building an integrated theory and ensemble program for young musicians, and initiating joint projects among adult musicians, private studio and public school programs.

Finally, as Music for Children has done for many years, we continue to offer funding to dedicated students who need financial assistance to further their musical education. Our programming and current emphases are based on the needs and expertise of the musical community and evolve continuously. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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Music for Children was originally formed in 1962 to supplement music programs in Chapel Hill public schools and individual studios. Original bylaws state its purposes and objectives are:

“to encourage, develop and support interest, appreciation, education and training in the musical arts among children of the chapel hill community; to provide opportunities for music programs, scholarships, grants of funds; to sponsor musical concerts and performances available to the children of this community and to establish sponsor encourage and support any projects consistent with the attainment of the foregoing purposes.

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